Rant #3: You Already Know What I’m Talking About

My older sister sometimes throws around this annoying phrase: “Yeah well, everyone already knows that.” It’s annoying to me because she usually utters it after I say something related to how human beings behave, or how they react to certain happenings, or essentially anything related to psychology. I’ll share something that I’ve been thinking about … More Rant #3: You Already Know What I’m Talking About

Am I Brainwashed?

I homeschool, so I am aware of the spectrum of opinions people have on homeschoolers, some of those opinions being that homeschoolers are brainwashed by their parents. Maybe that’s true for some cases. I don’t think that’s true for me or my homeschooled friends, though. But how do I know that I’m not brainwashed or … More Am I Brainwashed?

Is This Good Enough?

I’m confused. A few years ago, before I had any substantial instruction in writing, I joined Figment, a website where writers could share their work with others and receive feedback. The site was sort of artsy and professional and official looking, so I had high hopes. What did I find? The stories that won their contests, … More Is This Good Enough?